The Ekon-O-Pac bagging system provides individual bagged portions for your school food service programs, quickly and at an affordable price. 

EPAC+ System: Includes one Heavy Duty Tape Sealer and a Bag Stand. Both with custom rubber feet for slippery surfaces. This system will accommodate any of the Ekon-O-Pac bag sizes in both the horizontal and vertical positions make this product very versatile

Cold Bags: Crystal clear bags that allow your customer to see clearly what they are picking up. Specially designed to open quickly for easy insertion of food portions. Great for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Sandwiches, Breads, Breakfast/Lunch in the classroom, and Summer Feeding Programs. 

Ovenable Cooking Bags: Special blend of bag that allows heating products, up to 450 degrees, inside a single serve cooking bag. Vented and Micro-Perforated options available that allow ideal browning and crisping to food in the bag. 

Stock sizes available, Made in the USA.