Manual Heat Sealers


Affordable table-top equipment, seals 1-up trays 10.5” x 9”. The perfect solution for Start-Ups to R&D. Light weight, easy to use. Tray carriers are custom made to fit your tray, options to seal multiple cups with use of die cut lids or ask about our optional seal bar assembly set to seal a variety of containers.




Easy to use table top machine which seals lidding film to plastic, paperboard, and smooth wall aluminum trays. Seals trays up to 11” x 13” x 4” deep. The heated platen creates strong seals in 1-2 seconds (8-12) trays per minute. Film is cut from the film roll, less than ¼” from the back of the tray, on the down-stroke of the sealing platen. 



PSI-528XL Semi Automated Sealer:

Semi automated heat sealer with ability to die cut roll stock film. Tray carriers are custom made to fit your tray. Seals 10-12 containers per minute.




PSI-168L MAP: 

Semi automated heat sealer with MAP capability to prolong shelf life and freshness of product. Contact a sales representative today to discuss your MAP project.