Your Project, Our Packaging Solutions!

Pathway Solutions Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide answers to prepared food manufacturing companies. To date, Pathway Solutions Inc. has helped hundreds of customers achieve their food packaging and packaging equipment goals; from start-up to full commercialization.

In 2008, Pathway Film Solutions, LLC was founded, which provides narrow web film slitting to compliment the broad set of packaging materials represented and sold by Pathway Solutions Inc.

Pathway Solutions Inc. represents a broad spectrum of related packaging options including:

  • CPET, PET Pressed Paperboard, APET, OPS, HIPS & Smooth Wall Foil Trays
  • Microwaveable Cups
  • Lidding Films: Tray and Cup lidding films
  • Susceptor Technology
  • Retail Merchandising Sleeves and Cartons
  • Heat Sealing Equipment: Manual Table-top to Fully Automated
  • Meals on Wheels Packaging
  • The Advantage Plus!
  • Consulting, Public Relations and Social Media to help launch your product marketing

All of our tray selections have the following outstanding properties:

  • FDA and USDA approved for food applications
  • Resistant to highly acidic and fatty foods
  • Choice of heat-sealable films – peel, and non-peel available
  • Freezer to oven (microwave and conventional oven) cooking capability (where applicable)
  • Serving tray appeal
  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes, print patterns, and functionality